Detergent Additive

Saxony Chemicals is a leading supplier of speciality additives into the detergent industry in South Africa

TAED Chemicals


The use T.A.E.D (Tetraacetylethylenediamine) sourced from the world’s leading manufacturer Jinke Chemicals combined with sources of active oxygen produces peracetic acid as and when it is needed, allowing for the efficient and safe removal of many everyday stains such as coffee, tea and fruit juices at water temperatures as low as 15oC . Laundry washed with TAED based powders destroys malodours and maintains whiteness while being totally safe for colours.


Belinka Perkemija produce a range of sodium perborates that serve as a source of active oxygen. These inorganic peroxides, which are totally odourless and water-soluble are available as Sodium Perborate Monohydrate {PBS1} (NaBO3·H2O) or Sodium Perborate Tetrahydrate {PBS4} (NaBO3·4H2O). The difference lies in the AVOX (available oxygen) with the Monohydrate at 15% AVOX (Tetrahydrate at 10% AVOX) offering improved dissolution rates at lower temperatures with additional heat stability.


Coated Sodium Percarbonate or SPC is used as an oxygen bleaching source in detergent and dish machine washing powders. SPC with an active available oxygen content of 13% is used as a stand alone source of perhydroxyl anion (hydrogen peroxide) or combined with T.A.E.D in the wash liquor to produce dilute peracetic acid. The coated protective film over the sodium percarbonate granule improves stability during production and storage.


Saxony Chemicals are the exclusive distributors in South Africa for Acrilatos who, based in Spain, is a global leader in the production and distribution of acrylic polymers and silicates, developing and manufacturing solutions for the homecare industry. Our portfolio of products includes boosters, polymers, silicates and surfactants for laundry, dishwashing, surface cleaning and disinfectants.

Our high performance additive ACRI DS 466 P1CC boosts sequestration, increases metal ion inhibition, and improves dispersion qualities of detergent and surface cleaning formulations. Additionally, our ACRI DS 466 P1CC can successfully replace more common builders such as STPP and zeolites, boosting performance and saving costs in detergent powders as shown in the case study on the left.

Replacing common STPP’s in dishwasher powders (DMP’s) with Acrilatos’s phosphate free builder ACRI DS 501 boosts the powder’s primary and secondary efficacy by working as an enzyme stabilizer, increasing oxidizable stain removing ability (via improved metal chelation) and increasing grease stain removal due to the mechanism of protecting the surfactant from calcium and magnesium ions. Secondary wash performance is greatly improved by the reduction of filming and spotting and residuals on the kitchenware after each cycle.

A comprehensive range of dishwasher tablets under the ECOCERT and ECOLABEL ranges are available from Acrilatos, in addition to best-in-class detergent tables that include ACRITAB BIOWASH 2 in 1 detergent + softener+ fragrance, ACRITAB OXYAD SPC stain remover tablets and ACRITAB BIOSOFT L21 softener and fragrance tablets.


Di amino stilbene type Optical Brightening Agents (OBA’s) such as DMA-X and CBS-X as well as liquid grades are sourced from leading manufacturers and are supplied into the detergent industry.